Goldfinch Kensington II Baritone 2023 Electric Guitar - Banana Yellow

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The Kensington II is is creator Philip Smith’s homage to the 70s. It’s designed to be sturdy and gig-worthy, with a look of distinction that stands out from the crowd. The appearance and sound combine to give a memorable art rock experience. Built to have a resonance that can nail both reverb-lush tones and growling overdriven chords, the Kensington II is perfect for indie pop and surf rock.

Picking up a Kensington II is like traveling back in time. Rope your surfboard on top of the family station wagon, head to the beach, and breathe in the timeless indie tones under the sunset.

  • Strings: 6-string
  • Color: Yellow
  • Body: Solid mahogany
  • Pickups: 1x single coil lipstick pickup
  • Scale length: 26.5 inch baritone scale
  • Controls: 1x volume knob, 1x tone knob