EVH Van Halen Striped Series Black & Yellow w/ Case

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good, as pictured - the headstock logo has been replaced and has a small 'blurble'

The Striped Van Halen Guitar is Here!

Get that classic EVH look with the EVH Striped Series Guitar.
This affordable guitar sports a basswood body, 1-piece maple neck, and a
Floyd Rose bridge. The EVH Striped Series gives you that classic look
that spans the decades of Van Halen’s rock empire. A single,
direct-to-body mounted EVH pickup delivers hot and articulated guitar
tones that you expect from an EVH guitar. Built to Van Halen’s exact
specifications, the EVH Striped Series gives you absolutely awesome
tone, practical playability and comfort, and the kind of stunning looks
you’d expect from a world-class guitar.

EVH Striped Series Solidbody Electric Guitar at a Glance:

  • A complete and total shred machine
  • The most recognizable EVH guitar finishes
  • Divebomb like a pro with a Floyd Rose tremolo

A complete and total shred machine

From its basswood
body and eye-catching striped finish to its 1-piece maple neck, the EVH
Striped Series just screams quality, and that’s just the tonewoods! This
gorgeous guitar is made for serious playing, with a compound-radius
fingerboard (12-16″) for chording to shredding comfort, a Floyd Rose
locking tremolo system (complete with D-Tuna), and a hard-mounted EVH
humbucker. All the components come together to make a guitar that plays
like a dream.

The most recognizable EVH guitar finishes

Van Halen’s
most recognizable instruments are his striped Frankenstien guitars. EVH
has reproduced the same look and feel of these early guitars for
today’s market. These single pickup, Floyd Rose, maple fretboard guitars
mean business. The striped finish can be seen for miles and is
unmistakable. Show your Van Halen pride and pick up an EVH Striped
Series Guitar today!

Divebomb like a pro with a Floyd Rose tremolo

awesome dips, warbles, and divebombs on the EVH Wolfgang Special’s
Floyd Rose tremolo. This is the tremolo that rockers have been drawn to
for its accuracy and tuning stability. The cool EVH D-Tuna lets you
change your low-E string tuning to D with the simple flick of your

EVH Striped Series Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • A shred machine designed by rock legend Eddie Van Halen
  • 1-piece maple neck with graphite reinforcement
  • Floyd Rose tremolo for big dives
  • D-Tuna tremolo device gives you instant drop-D tuning
  • Basswood body with direct mounted EVH pickup
  • Classic striped finish

The EVH Striped Series electric guitar is the Van Halen axe you’ve been waiting for!