DeMont / Guyatone 3PDT Smooth-Click Foot Switch, Highest Quality Stomp Box Switch

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The HIGHEST QUALITY footswitch you can purchase. Made specifically for audio signal in Japan, this switch has come back to production thanks to DeMont  Guitars and partnership with Guyatone.

With Gold connections and cupped-bottom posts, the Smooth-ClickTM switch is a directly replacement for the Mighty Micro series pedals. This is also a great option to replace your current favorite stomp box switch. The circuit is designed with revolutionary technology for absolutely no line-click, pop or mishaps with hard-to-press buttons.

(Might Micro Series)

***This will NOT fit WRm5 Wah Rocker***

The Smooth-Click switches are available for OEM mass production & wholesale as well.
Samples ordered will be credited upon receipt of wholesale purchase
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